We are looking for the partner and distributor for on-line XRF in Asia

Johas develop Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence(EDXRF) technology and focus on-line XRF and in-line XRF with muti-channel for various application. Our system is designed by module method. We provide XRF probe (XRF head) stand alone, on-line XRF, in-line XRF with one channel, 2 channel or muti-channel.

The function for liquid product or solid product. The software for solution element monitor, plating solution element monitor, Chemical plating solution, electric coating solution element monitor, Alloy Pass/Fail , secret accessory (don’t know composition). E.g PCB Chemical plating solution, PCB electric Plating solution, Semiconductor coating element monitor application, Alloy PMI and QA/QC .

We are looking for the distributor for on-line , in-line XRF and automatic integrate company partner in Asia market.

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Johas has professional team to provide any customized services, including development, production and marketing of the efficient automated test system.

We focus on Xsmart On-Line XRF,DMS On-line Monitoring System

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Johas development On-Line/In-Line Monitor Instrument, open API and cooperation with system company for Industry 4.0.

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